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With every dollar you donate, we're able to preserve another piece of the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department's history.

The Kansas City Fire Historical Society is a non-profit 501c3 organization in good standing incorporated with the State of Missouri. Our focus is on preserving, restoring, and sharing the history of the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department with the general public.


In the future we plan to partner with other local groups to educate the public on fire safety and prevention. We are funded entirely by our supporters in the way of tax deductible donations.


Thank you for visiting our fundraising page and we appreciate your support.

Our Goal: $100,000

Consider Donating Using One Of Our Membership Levels:

  • Platinum: $100.00 / month

    • Donate $100/month = $1,200 annually

  • Gold: $40.00 / month

    • Donate $40/month = $480 annually

  • Silver: $20.00 / month

    • Donate $20/month = $240 annually

  • Bronze: $10.00 / Month

    • Donate $10/month = $120 annually

One time, any amount donations are accepted!

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